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The Greenhouse is a community of home-educated students committed to developing Christian character and servant leadership through classical education. A classical education emphasizes hard work and discipline coupled with inspiration and a love of learning.


We offer courses for children in grades 1-4 (Grammar I & II), grades 5-8 (Logic I & II) and grades 9-12 (Rhetoric I & II). Each year all of our students study generally the same time period, but each level focuses on different aspects of that time period and develops different intellectual skills.


Grammar (grades 1-4)

Students at this level gain mastery of the fundamental rules of each subject. This includes memorization of rules, facts, stories, dates, and events that relate to a given subject. History & Literature, Art, Science and the Performing Arts comprise the four core Grammar subjects.


Logic (grades 5-8)

Students at this level develop critical thinking skills in order to examine relationships within and between fields of study. Students ask investigative questions related to the subject and use logic/reasoning skills to derive meaning and draw conclusions. The four core subjects at the Logic level are History & Literature, Art, Science and the Performing Arts.


Curriculum Cycle for Grammar & Logic (grades 1-8)

Cycle Period Dates Science School Year
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4


Rhetoric (grades 9-12)

Students at the Rhetoric level gain the ability to clearly express the grammar and logic of each subject through speech and writing. Using oral and written skills. students persuasively express their findings and opinions in a given subject. At the Rhetoric level, the core courses are History, Literature and Science with exposure to other subjects such as Theology and Government. Rhetoric students may enroll for the whole program, or Science-only or Humanities (History/Lit)-only. Students may also enroll at different levels for Science and Humanities.


Humanities Curriculum Cycle for Rhetoric (grades 9-12)

Cycle History Literature Plus...

Science Curriculum Cycle for Rhetoric (grades 9-12)

Cycle Rhetoric

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